How to Fix Clock in Windows 10

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Though Windows 10 is the most preferred OS, it accompanies a few errors that may occur at times.

One of the common issues that many Windows 10 users encounter is – clock goes wrong on their PC, which of course is not a big issue but can cause little inconvenience. In this article you will be able to find the solutions that can help you fix this issue.

Check the settings for Windows Time service

In case the clock on your Windows 10 is wrong, then it may be because of the settings of Windows Time service.

In case this feature is not set properly or is running properly then you may face issues with the clock.

To check Windows Time service, here is what you should do-

Press – Windows Key + S and then enter – Services. From the menu select – Services

After the window of Services opens, search – Windows Time service and then just double click it.

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Check – Startup type area and set it as- Automatic.

Here Service status needs to be checked.. In case it is running, then click – Stop and click – stat again. If it is not running, click the button – Start to initiate it.

Next, click – Apply and next click on – OK.

Modify – Internet Time server

The reason for wrong clock Windows 10 can be due to issues with Internet Time server.

Luckily, you can alter the internet time server by using the steps below.

1. Open – cntrl panel. To do this, press- Windows Key + S, type – Control Panel and from the results select – Control Panel

2. Now that Control Panel opens, go to the section – Clock, Language and Region and click – Date and Time.

3. Head to the tab –Internet Time and click the button- Change settings

4. In Server areas, choose – in place of – and then click  – Update now.

5. Click- OK to apply the changes

Unregister & register –  Windows Time service

When your Windows 10 clock is incorrect, you can solve by registering Windows Time service again. It would be an easy process and can be done using the following steps

1. You have to open – (command prompt–as administrator)). It can be done by pressing – Windows Key + X and then selecting – Command Prompt (Admin) from menu.

2. After opening the command prompt, you need to enter the command lines shown below and hit – Enter after each command to run it. w32tm /unregister

w32tm /register

net start w32time

w32tm /resync

3. Close the Command Prompt and then restart PC. After the computer restarts, the problem will be fixed.

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