How to Fix 100% Disk Usage in Windows 10

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The article would help you try to solve the issue of 100% disk usage in Windows 10.

Restarting the System would help

Most of the times restarting your system can solve almost all the PC related problems.

Among all other problems, Windows 10 -100% disk usage problem is also counted.

Make sure that you make use of – “Restart” option that starts the system in a normal mode instead of the option – “Shut Down” which keeps system state and will not be helpful in solving the disk problem.

Update your Windows

When you install the latest updates, they also help solve a lot of problems related to your Windows 10 system. Make sure you check if the system is update by moving to the section “Update and security” from Windows Settings app.

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Check for the latest updates and if available install them. It will enhance the overall system performance which also includes the performance of your hard drive.

Check system for Malware

There are chances that your system is attacked by malware which can cause disk usage to increase.

In case there is antivirus software installed and running at the background then it may find out the problem. Carry out a full system scan using your antivirus package wherein it scans your hard drive to for any possible malware attack.

It takes a lot of time as the disk facing high usage and also you need to find out the malicious software causing the problem and delete it.

Disable – Windows Search

Sometimes a bug in Windows 10 can results in a search loop which directly can lead to high disk usage issue.

In order to halt the Windows Search feature for temporary period and check if that fixes the disk issue, here is how you can accomplish the task

Open – admin prompt

Enter the given command: net.exe stop “Windows search”.

It will halt the Windows search for the next time when Windows is actually restarted.

In case it shows that Windows Search is the culprit for Windows 10 – 100% disk usage, simply disable it (permanently) with help of the steps stated below

Press- Windows + R and enter – services.msc and then hit- enter

You will see the services window. Select – Windows search results and just double click it so that you are able to update its properties.

Below Startup select – Disable and then and then OK to apply changes.

Turn Off Antivirus Software Temporarily

While you are trying to find the culprit behind the disk issue , try to turn OFF the antivirus software for a temporary period.

Check if that solves your disk usage issue.

Sometimes Windows Defender can be the reason for causing disk issues.

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