How to Fix a Memory Leak in Windows 10

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Once you buy a new PC you are rest assured that the new hardware is not going to give you any problems. You are not able to perform even the basic functions. The error – memory leak in Windows 10 can be fixed easily using the solutions mentioned in this article.

Update drivers

The error can occur due to outdated drivers in Windows 10, which includes memory leaks too.

You need to update the drivers to fix the problem from Device Manager, follow the given instructions to update the drivers.

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  • Head to –  Search, type -devicemng, and then open -Device Manager
  • If you are aware of the problem causing driver, then update that particular driver. In case not, then look for the driver with yellow exclamation mark against it.
  • After you come across the driver that needs to be updated, just right click it and select – Update driver software
  • Follow instructions given on your on wizard screen and it will install the driver on your PC, if available

Modify to get enhanced Performance

At times, certain modifications can help you improve the Windows 10 performance and also fix the error memory leak.

In order to modify Windows 10 PC for best settings available through Windows Advanced Tool, you can carry out the following steps-

  • Right-click – This PC seen on your Desktop/File Explorer
  • Select – Advanced system settings from left pane
  • Move to the tab- Advanced
  • Click -Settings, below – Performance
  • Now check the box with option- Adjust for best performance
  • Click – OK

Done! Now restart your PC and check if adjusting system performance could actually fix the issue.

Disable – Programs Running during Startup

If you are not aware of the steps to manage programs running during startup in your Windows 10, then this is how it can be done

  • Open -Task Manager
  • Head to – Startup tab
  • Click the program that you wish to disable, and then select – Disable

This would solve the issue on your next restart.

Defragmentation of hard drives

It is always better to defrag the hard drive frequently. Let us learn how to do it in Windows 10-

  • Move to – This PC
  • Right-click present system hard drive (which is mostly C:)
  • Move to tab -Tools, and then click -Optimize
  • Select drive you wish to defrag, and then select – Analyze
  • Wait for some time so that the process gets over.
  • Once your disk gets fragmented, restart computer, and now check if the error has been solved

Registry hack

In case the above mentioned solutions doesn’t work for you then try Registry tweak. You can perform the steps below-

  • Head to – Search, type- regedit, and then move to – Registry Editor
  • Head to the path given below: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory Management
  • Look for – ClearPageFileAtShutDown and then alter its value to  – 1
  • Save the changes
  • Restart computer.

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