How to Fix Performance Issues in Windows 10

There are times when you are quite frustrated with slow performance of your Windows 10 computer and there are different reasons for this issue. Thankfully there are solutions too. This article will help you learn the reasons and the solutions for this problem.

A number of Startup Programs

When you have a number of starts up programs running on your PC it will take longer time for system to start up and it might even freeze while booting.

Solution- in order to resolve this problem you need to disable certain applications that run automatically during the startup.

Press- Windows Key + X to open – Quick Link menu. Here you need to click the –Task Manager.

After the Task Manager expands,  click the tab- Startup

Search through programs list to find out programs that run on startup, and also the programs not required or used at all or quite frequently. Right-click on the program which is not much needed and then click – Disable. Do this for all those programs that you feel aren’t necessary and occupy extra space on startup.

Corrupted – Windows System Files

You computer may encounter driver errors, black, blue screens or any other issues that hinder your daily tasks on computer.

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Solution – Windows 10 offers 2 distinct tools to deal with this problem. First one is – Deployment Image Service and Management Tool (DISM). The 2nd one is – System File Checker (SFC).


In windows search box type – powershell . Once you see the  desktop application, right-click & Run as Administrator.

Type  given command – dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth in  Window which pops up. Press- Enter and this will let DISM detect corrupt files and gradually replace them.


From Windows search box, open – PowerShell.  Now run it as run as administrator.

Type the given command –  sfc /scannow and hit -enter.

This process detects and replaces corrupt files. After done, simply restart PC. In case the error occurred due to corrupt files, then you will observe enhanced speed of your PC.

Running more programs simultaneously

In case you are running a number of programs at the same time it may slow down the performance of your computer. So, you can check it via Task Manager to confirm.

In case you are running a number of programs at the same time then you will notice that Applications are taking a bit more time than usual to load or start. The application screen might even freeze.

Solution- You can open Task Manager to see if applications are using a lot of memory and just close them.

In windows search bar type – Task Manager and then open it.

After Task Manager opens, search for programs consuming most memory.

You can easily filter the programs based on its memory usage just by clicking at the top of the column – Memory, Right-click the programs that are creating problems and then select – End Task.

Also, select the extra tabs present on the browser and exit applications that are running at the background. It will vacate the RAM & CPU bandwidth and improve the speed of your computer.

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